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Tender Details

 Tender Details
Organisation Details
Organisation Name:
Contact Person: Ali Muhaazam UN Building, Buruzumagu, Male~, Tel: 960-3343283, Fax: 960-3324504,

E-Mail: ali.muhaazam@undp.org

Contact Person :
Tender Details
TI Ref ID:
Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Tender Notice No: Not Provided
Tenders are invited for the Construction of a Multi-Purpose Safe Shelter Project in Muli Island, Meemu Atoll.

The works involves building and Construction of a 3 story, Multi-Purpose Safe Shelter Building in Muli Island, Meemu Atoll, according to the Drawings and Specifications Provided by UNDP Maldives.

1) The contractor shall make all necessary measures to protect the building from rainwater damages throughout construction period. The contractor will adopt these measures at his own initiative and at his own expense.
2) As required by weather conditions, temporary weather closures, to protect the functioning underneath floors from rain water leakage, shall be installed maintained and subsequently discharged and removed from exterior wall openings not permanently enclosed. Provide temporary weather closures at openings in the exterior walls, parapets, columns starters and roof construction. Install such closures at conclusion of each and every working period affecting such openings and maintain them in weather tight condition until work is resumed and completed.
3) Except when being worked on, plug and caulk openings in roofs and exterior walls to preclude possibility of leaking due to rain, storm or other causes. After completion of work, permanently seal and caulk openings.
4) The contractor shall be held responsible for any damage to people or property caused by improper actions, accidents or other causes related to the execution of this contract.
5) The contractor~s attention is drawn to the fact that the only area which remains at his disposal for storage, offices, etc., is near the southern lot. No other place may be used for these purposes.

Prospective Offerors requiring any clarification of the Solicitation Documents may notify the procuring UNDP entity in writing at least Ten days (10) days before the set dead line through the above email. Clarifications will be posted on the designated web site on 4 November 2008. Clarifications received after this date will not be accepted.
Action Deadline: 06 Nov 2008
Soft Copy: Additional_Document (3.73 MB)

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