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Micro Co-Branded Website

Co-Branded Tenders Website

Create Co-Branded Micro Website

Create your co-branded micro website and publish your tenders on and reach out to the targeted audience - domestic as well as global. Tender Notices would be available on the website till closing date of the tender.

  • Co-branded micro websites have a very distinctive edge over the others.

  • Online Marketing- We market your micro tender website globally. We have the expertise to get the sites well placed in search engines. (Check the case studies at -

  • Increasingly, online marketing is a crucial part of any marketing plan.

  • Tender Notice Forwarding - Every time you host a tender, it will be forwarded to the members/subscribers.

  • Free to view - Free for everyone to view. Even the non members/subscribers can view the tenders, thus generating wider publicity.

  • Translation Module - English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages.

  • Banner Ads - Get discount on the Banner Ads.

  • Company Profile - You can have your company/organization profile posted on the website.

  • In simple terms, we send your tender notices to the right people and also market them online.

  • Tenders can be posted at - 

Create Co-Branded Micro Website

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